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Cook Quench Chill System

The DCN Cook Quench Chill Machine is designed to cook and cool vegetables, rice and pasta products in tipping baskets using three stages.  We have several versions available to suit individual customer, including Continuous Automatic with Tipping Baskets and a Hoist Operated Vessel & Basket System.

The initial stage of the process heats and cooks the product in water in the first basket/tank.  The product is then transferred to the second quench tank containing ambient water to take the bulk heat out of the product and stop the cooking process.  The final tank contains chilled water and completes the cooling process.

All models are heated by direct steam injection and have a water overflow rim incorporated into the water tanks to prevent spillage onto the production floor and cross contamination between high and low areas. All models can be fitted with two or three vessels.

Two vessels = cook–chill
Three vessels = cook–quench–chill
A new unique Wave Pump Agitation system is available, which provides the perfect agitation for 'long' pastas.


    *     500 litre vessel capacity (water) − Model 3000
    *     750 litre vessel capacity (water) − Model 3001
    *     Basket Mesh Size: 3mm (1.5mm for rice)
    *     All Stainless Steel Design
    *     Versatile, User Friendly Design
    *     Distinct low risk and high care division
    *     Unique water heating system
    *     Adjustable programme agitation
    *     Basket Rinse System
    *     Fully Recipe Controlled
    *     Data Caption Option
    *     Unique CIP system option
    *     Loading and Unloading Solution Options



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