Blenders Ireland Pre-Installation Jet Cook Steam Infusion Product Training

Started in the 1980’s, Blenders supply sauces, bouillon and mayonnaise to the food service, retail and catering industry in Ireland.  The company is an associate member of the Panel of Chefs of Ireland, Catering Association of Ireland, the Restaurant Association of Ireland, the Hotel Federation of Ireland, ITICA and other leading industry associations.   They pride themselves on their product quality and innovation.

We were visited by representatives from NPD and Process following the placement of their order for a 1500ltr Jet Cook System, holding vessel and powder entrainment system. The system will be delivered in Q1 2018 and comes complete with a Jet Cook Steam Infusion Unit, Recipe Manager, Braising Bar and Vapour Reduction System.

Trials took place to produce cranberry sauce, sweet chilli sauce and a curry base, all of which were produced in a fraction of the traditional production time and with excellent product quality. The Cranberry Sauce had fantastic particulate integrity with a good distribution of fruit through the sauce, and an excellent gloss finish.

We expect some further training to take place prior to installation.