Maheu System goes into Production at Suncrest Dairy in Malawi

DC Norris has just completed the commissioning of another Jet Cook Steam Infusion System in Africa.

The new System is for the production of Maheu and includes our patented In-Line and In-Tank Steam Infusion Systems, Powder Induction System and Recipe Manager Software.   Prior to production the team completed a week of commissioning, personnel training and pre-production trials.

The system is designed to produced 4000ltrs per hour and has been future proofed to enable the retro-fitting of two further In-Line Steam Infusion units, which would increase Suncrest Dairy’s  throughput to 6000ltrs per hour.

Besides a variety of flavoured Maheu, the system is also being used to produce flavoured dairy and non-dairy milk shakes for both the local and African markets.

Mr Kali commented “I went ahead with DC Norris because of their processing background and knowledge of Maheu.  I knew that it was the right decision after talking to Stuart extensively both in the UK and at the Gulfood Manufacturing Exhibition, after meeting Mr Norris I was more than comfortable to go ahead.”

We are delighted Suncrest chose Jet Cook Steam Infusion as their preferred processing system.