Product Demonstrations & Customer Trials at our Test Facility at CPUT - Cape Town.

On Friday we finished the last of 5 days of intense product demonstrations and customer trials at our test facility at CPUT in Cape Town.

Over the week we had 115 customers from 41 companies visit from all over Africa, as well as food consultants and industry journalists.

Throughout the week we demonstrated and carried out trials on 22 products ranging from custards, pie fillings, maheu, cooking sauces, fruit fillings, dipping sauces, soups, sugar syrups and meat dishes. The response from the guests was outstanding with the overall opinion being they could not believe the processing times, product quality and versatility of the system.

The M.D of a food producer in South Africa emailed us after his trial and said On behalf of our team I would like to thank you all for accommodating us, we certainly enjoyed seeing how successful and quickly our products were executed through your Steam Infusion System".

A production manager commented after we produced their peppered steak pie filling 4 times quicker and dairy custard 7 times quicker than their current method  “This technology is unbelievable quick and the finished product quality is outstanding, we have to include these systems in our factories in the very near future”

It was also good to catch-up with some existing DCN customers and friends such as the teams from the leading food producers in South Africa.

Four customers have already requested further trials, and three have asked for site visits and budget quotations to be prepared, and we anticipate returning to CPUT in May for a full week of customers trials and site visits.

The amount of organisation and time required to pull together an event of this size and make it so successful is phenomenal. We would like to thank Claire, Tom, Sarel and William our agents in South Africa, Courlanders for all their hard work and dedication. Also Larry, Jessy and all the team at CPUT for their assistance, patience and belief in the Steam Infusion Technology, without these two groups of people we would not have had this opportunity.