Day One at FoodTech Expo - Warsaw

Day one of our first exhibition in Warsaw was an exciting one with a large amount of enquiries from a wide range of countries.

Luckily we brought our own internal translator with us as very few people actually spoke English, so our team member Ela was invaluable as Polish and Russian seem to be the language of the day!

The enquires ranged from the cooking and cooling of soups, sauces, spreadable cheese, ready meals, broths and pie fillings, from countries such Poland, Ukraine, Moldovia, Russia and Norway. The industries covered both food service, hospitality, retail and frozen brands from both medium and multi-national size organisations.

Due to our wide range of cooking and cooling options, and our experience of product and process development,  we are capable of providing a bespoke processing solution for each of our potential new customers.

Our Jet Cook, Cook Quench Chill and Cooling systems are already being used by food manufacturers in Poland and across Europe, which is a huge advantage as we are able to discuss case studies and show videos from these customers.

We look forward to welcoming more visitors to the stand today.



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