DC Norris Runs Sous Vide Trials for the High Quality Proteins Cuisine Alimentra Foods Is Renowned For

Quebec-based Cuisine Alimentra provides high quality proteins and sauces to retailers across the globe so that they can offer fresh, healthy, convenience dishes to their discerning customers. Eliminating the guesswork that goes into the preparation of these proteins, like steak, is paramount to Cuisine Alimentra Foods so that they can deliver impeccable quality and value by tightly controlling the process and ingredients used.

We recently completed a variety of trials in our test kitchen cooking meats for Cuisine Alimentra with our sous vide systems and were able to achieve excellent results.  The products trialled were rump, fillet and rib eye steak, which we vacuum packed and seasoned before starting the Sous Vide cooking process.   After a 1.5 hour cook in a Model CT5 Cook Tank, we chilled the meat and then seared on a griddle to caramelise and add colour.  We then taste tested the samples with the client, the results of which were very positive with the flavour, taste and texture exactly as required.

For the second trial we used a portion of rack of pork ribs which again was vacuum packed, seasoned and cooked for 4.5 hours.  We then chilled and taste tested with the same successful results.

When asked about his impression of the sous vide trials, Flavio Corneli of Cuisine Alimentra remarked,

“The trial was very conclusive. Products came out as expected. The reception was just great from senior management and the owner was fantastic.”

As a commercial cooking technique, sous vide continues to gain tremendous momentum across North America. Industrial sous vide systems are the key to precision cooking and can be used to deliver repeat, impeccable results at scale. Commercial sous vide also helps decrease food waste as it allows producers to tightly control portions and ingredients, extend product shelf life and decrease the threat of bacterial contamination when combined with the cook-chill process.



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