DCN Industrial Cooking Systems prove popular for pie fillings

Meat pies have long been one of Australia’s most popular convenience food choices, with over 270 million being eaten every year. DCN’s industrial cooking solutions are proving a smart choice for food manufacturers needing to keep up with the growing trend.

We are currently working with a number of companies on the continent, manufacturing large industrial cooking systems which will produce a variety of fillings including beef, chicken and fruit pies.   The versatility of our kettle systems means that customers can cook these different products on the same system with minimum disruption.   When controlled with Recipe Manager Software, the recipes are pre-programmed to minimise operator error, ensure repeatability and a high quality product each and every time.

Customers can choose between a traditional Steam Jacketed Kettle or our award-winning Jet Cook™ Steam Infusion method.  These can be fitted with a Braising Bar which is key to adding flavour and texture by searing ingredients such as onions and beef in the first cook stages.

We are working closely with these companies and our Australian agents FPE, to give them the advanced technologies which will help them deliver top quality pies.



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