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Pre Covid-19, our plans at the end of the month were to be alongside our partners DC Norris North America in Kansas City at the Pet Food Forum, exhibiting as well as hosting a Tech Talk on our Jet Process System.  This has now understandably been postponed until August, but we are still very much open for enquiries and available as key workers supporting the food industry.  Jet Process is ideal during these difficult times; increasing throughput and requiring only one operator and minimal maintenance.  The high quality manufacturing of DC Norris equipment ensures durability and minimum disruption due to downtime.  We very much look forward to seeing everyone again when the time is right, and in the meantime if you would like a personalised Tech Talk introducing the Jet Process System, we can still host this live via video-conferencing.  Book your Tech Talk now

To give you the heads-up:

Jet Process is the ultra-efficient new manufacturing technology for wet pet food, food and beverages with in-line continuous sterilization system.   The revolutionary solution can cook, entrain (mix and hydrate hydrocolloids) and sterilize all-in-one complete system, without batch processing, traditional pressure vessels or retorts!

Peter Birch - Head of Operations - Pets Choice said, "Seeing a product heated and mixed from 45°C to 148°C in less than two metres was very impressive, especially with no moving parts and using very little energy.  The final footprint of the 12,000Kgs p/h system was tiny in comparison to the traditional way of processing.  Unlike traditional pressure cookers and heat exchangers, there is no burn-on which dramatically reduces our cleaning time, water usage, chemical usage and waste water removal.  This made the system both a cost effective and environmentally friendly option for us."

Jet Process is suitable for food, beverages and wet pet food.

Watch our video for how to improve your wet pet food processing with Jet Process!

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