Innovation Kitchen Opens at DC Norris North America!

We’re proud to announce that The Innovation Kitchen is open at our partners DC Norris North America's headquarters in Traverse City, Michigan.

They've also completed their first trial, producing corned beef brisket for a premium deli meat company known for uncompromising quality.

The trial was conducted using the new CT-1 commercial sous vide cook tank and the MTA glycol chiller, with these remarkable results:

Trial – Corned Beef Brisket
Beef brisket pre-brined, pre-packed store purchase and refrigerated prior to cooking.

The Challenge – Cook product fully unattended to demonstrate lower labour costs and trial overnight performance of the fully automated CT-1 cook tank.

Target Temperature – 150°F
Target cook time – 13 hours
Chill target temperature – below 40°F

1. Remove beef from the store packaging. Product weight – 3.97lbs
2. Re-bag into a sous-vide bag 10″ x 18″ x 3mil (7- layer co-extruded film)
3. Apply self-adhesive foam seal
4. Insert product temperature probe through foam seal, into core or brisket (refer video)
5. Vacuum seal using VacPak-It vacuum machine with impulse vacuum sealer
6. Place bag into cook tank
7. Fill with water to cover the bag (approx. 30 gallons)
8. Heat to target temperature, hold at target temperature for pre-determined time
9. Chill to target temperature

1. Heating Phase: Product 150 minutes , Water 84 minutes
2. Simmer Phase: 13 hours
3. Chill Phase: 180 minutes

Total Cycle Time: 18.5 hours

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