Latest News Up-date from DC Norris

During these unprecedented times, our engineers, R&D and Jet Cook™ teams have been busy working alongside our customers to keep their systems working at full speed.  We have also been keeping Operators and Process Managers informed with the latest product and process updates from our Product Development Kitchen.

In the factory, we are manufacturing pre-Covid orders from around the globe, including 22 vessels ranging from 1,000ltr to 5,000ltr, 13 of these are for one customer in the USA.  Two Jet Cook Systems will ship to Indonesia and Malaysia to produce 5,000ltr each of finished product per hour.  The remaining vessels and systems are destined for the UK, Canada, China and Europe.

During the next few weeks, we will be installing three new Jet Cook Systems in the North and North East of England.  These will produce ‘free from’ ready meals, condiments, foodservice, retail meals and sauces.

Exciting developments from our in-house R&D team who have been working on a new “Heat Seal“ Pump Fill Station with self-loading, and a brand new patented concept Tumble Chiller with automatic unloading.  Watch this space for more information.  






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