Luxury Hotel Chain Chose DCN again

We are delighted to be back in Macau working with existing customers, on their new project to expand their cooking capabilities.  We will be supplying various items of cooking equipment for their central kitchen which will provide meals to employees of their large luxury hotel complex.  The new kitchen is planned to provide 3 meals / day for around 34,000 staff members.

Alongside the cooking equipment we are also supplying Cook Chill for pasta, vegetables, beans and pulses.  Our customer already has existing DCN Chilling equipment, which will be partnered up with the new equipment to expand their ability  to produce large volumes of fresh tasting, quality meals in advance.  The process ensures that the food is safely pasteurised and can be kept in refrigerated storage for up to 45 days.  This will enable them to build up a stock of food for future use.

The hotel chose DCN because of our wide range of equipment and our capacity to customize to fit in with their individual requirements.  We will be installing the new equipment in August/ September 2020.



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