Make the right choice of equipment for your wet pet food processing needs

11% of households have taken on new animals during the Covid pandemic, with dogs and cats remaining the firm favourites.  Now 17 million homes across Britain own a pet, and this boom in animal ownership has resulted in unprecedented growth in sales for pet food manufacturers, and has led to shortages of certain products.  There has also been a trend in recent years on humanising pet food with retailers working to emulate the appearance, ingredients and aroma of home-cooked food.   As manufacturers may be looking to expand their production and improve the quality of products to meet these demands, we introduce two innovative cooking and processing methods from DCN which can help to solve these challenges:

Jet Process:

Jet Process is the new high speed continuous all-in-one processing solution for wet pet food processing.  This method is ideal for those producing chubb, tray or canned-type products in medium to large batch sizes and achieving large throughputs.  Quality is still paramount, and the Jet Process ensures repeatable high quality product every time.

This  innovative method has unique features such as:

  • Jet Sterilisation – (single pass in-line) High speed heating takes seconds for pet food to reach temperatures of up to 148°C .  The compact small footprint removes the need for large retorts, pressure vessels or heat exchangers. 
  • Jet Entrainment - Powders such as gums, gels, vitamins and hydrocolloids are rapidly entrained, heated, mixed and hydrated in exceptionally fast times before being automatically mixed into your meat slurries.   

Watch the Jet Process video to find out more

Sous Vide:

Try Sous Vide for your wet pet food – this low temperature/long cook method is ideal for today’s discerning pet food owner.  The slow cook in vacuumed bags locks-in flavours and nutrients, and ensures that whole meat proteins and vegetables maintain their particulate integrity and appearance.  The result is healthier products with a great aroma, fresh appealing colours and flavours.

Watch Sous Vide Pet Food Processing in action

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