National Centre of Excellence for Food Engineering

Following on from the ground-breaking event in October at the NCEFE (National Centre of Excellence for Food Engineering) at Sheffield Hallam University, we are now moving forward with the planning for the food processing equipment which we will supply the state-of-the-art facility.

Realising the importance of educating the students in the very latest technologies available for the production of convenience meals; we along with Dr Martin Howarth have decided to equip the New Centre with DC Norris’ advanced cooking systems such as Jet Cook™ Steam Infusion, Braising Bar, Powder Entrainment and Recipe Manager.  These systems will help both the students and ourselves to address challenges within the industry such as reducing energy costs and minimising waste.  It is a great opportunity to be working alongside the NCEFE and other facilities at Sheffield Hallam to provide scientific support and advance our knowledge of food production.

We will be working with Dr Howarth over the next 6-12 months to ensure the equipment is in place for the opening in mid-2019.  The building work is progressing rapidly and the layout and facilities planned are very impressive.

The next Food Industry IAB meeting will be held on the 26th February to discuss future plans and ideas with some of the leading names in food production.



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