New DB Model Batch Cooling Vessel demonstrates amazing cooling times in field trials!

DCN’s latest design of batch cooling vessel for sauces, soups and desserts has demonstrated a marked improvement in cooling times during recent field trials.

The trials have been with a valued client who already has an earlier model DA Cooler, and is producing dessert sauces for a major supermarket.  Comparable trials cooling a viscous custard-style product show an almost 50% reduction in time for similar batch size.

The new DB Cooler has improvements in both vessel and agitator design to gain maximum efficiency, as well as a system for controlling the glycol input temperature.   This will prevent shock cooling if the product is susceptible to this issue.

It has been designed with onboard controls and valve systems to make it ‘plug and play’, and minimise installation and shipping costs.

The new DB Cooler can be used to cool many sauces with and without particulate from ready meals and ethnic-style to desserts.

Similar style ‘plug and play’ steam jacketed cooking kettles are also in development offers both static and tilting versions.



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