Sous Vide Slow-cooking proves popular with customers globally

We have noticed a big demand for our Sous Vide Cook Tanks recently, as food producers are becoming increasingly aware of the many benefits of this method of cooking.  The biggest of these is the tender succulent food that it produces!  The tanks can also be left unattended overnight with guaranteed results, leaving you with perfectly cooked steak, tender chicken breasts and ribs with the meat falling off the bone. 

We are currently manufacturing two of our CT-10 400kgs Sous Vide Cook Tanks for a chilled foodservice company in Kyiv, Ukraine.   The systems are required to produce approximately 1500kg of finished product over a two shift period, and will be operating for 6 days a week.   A variety of chicken cuts will be cooked to supply a local market, including marinated and un-marinated fillets, wings, thighs, drumsticks and legs.

We have also just shipped a Sous Vide System to produce food for a staff canteen at one of the largest and best known Casino hotels in Macau!

Our most popular market for Sous Vide however is America, where it is popular with foodservice companies.  Our latest project is a Cook Tank Tumble Chiller which has been purchased by a repeat customer who originally bought one in in 1993 and it still working well today!

This machine is a repeat of the original, apart from it will have the latest designs such as HMI and data recording system.  The Virtual Chart Recorder data capture system satisfies all the requirements of the USDA, so is a very useful addition and replaces the original disc chart recorder, making paper copies a thing of the past!    This versatile machine makes it possible for food producers to sous vide cook solid items during the night, and then converts to a Tumble Chiller to cool kettle-cooked liquid food products during the day!

DCN Sous Vide systems are also providing meals for schools in Russia, hospitals and care homes in Norway, and cooking goat, chicken, lamb and camel in Dubai!  A wide range of products are suitable for sous vide cooking, including meat, poultry, fish and vegetables.

As well as our Industrial Cook Tanks, we have just launched the CT-1 Electric Commercial Sous Vide Cook Tank!

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