Model 175 Can Opener & Can Crusher

Model 175 Can Opening & Crushing System

The model 175 PLC controlled Can-Opener is ideal for large batches with a typical throughput of up to 800 cans per hour. (dependent on can size.)


  • All Stainless Steel Design
  • PLC controlled
  • Semi-Automatic
  • Removes Lid In One Cut
  • Fully Enclosed Blade
  • In-feed Conveyor
  • Twist Box
  • No Metal Chips

Cans are manually placed in the indexing can feeder and travel individually up to the opening head through a tunnel guard, which can be fitted with optional spray wash and air blast.  The lid is removed with a cutting head operated on the principal of an inverted crown punch system, which removes the lid leaving no metal slivers.  Rare earth magnets in the cutting head retain the lid, which is then removed by a collection arm/gripper and deposited into a collection bin.  A sensor is used to check that the lid has been successfully cut from the can.  If the lid has not been successfully removed the can is ejected from the main process flow into a siding. 

Pneumatic Can Crusher with Indexing System

Designed to crush cans up to a maximum diameter of 159mm and height of 270mm.  As the can exits from the twist box on the machine it is positioned under the crusher head where a pneumatic ram crushes the can flat.  Cans automatically exit the crusher into customers tote bin or onto an outfeed conveyor.  The Can Crusher offers the benefit of a bulk reduction of up to 75% so improving can disposal efficiency.  




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