New & Used Food Machinery


1 x Stock System

Date Added: 12.09.2019

1 x 1000 Litre Stock Cooking / Vegetable blanching system with Hoist

TC-100 Tumble Chiller

Date Added: 21.07.2021

(Stock Photo)

1 x 370 Litre DCN Transfer Vessel / 5 times Cougar Transfer Vessels

Date Added: 11.01.2019

All photos are pre refurbishment 


Ex Show Stand 500 Litre Jet Cook & Powder Entrainment System

Date Added: 04.09.2019

Ribbon Blenders

Date Added: 06.09.2016

2 x 1000kg Blenders Available Part built.

Root Vegetable Cooker

Date Added: 06.09.2016

Continuous cooking system for mash potato and root vegetables such as carrots, parsnips and swede. Designed to produce up to 2 tons per hour continuously.