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150 Litre Tilting Kettle (USA)

Date Added: 19.07.2018

Special 150 Litre Tilting Kettle Package

D C Norris ‘Special’ Model KT/P150-IA1 Kettle stainless steel jacketed Tilting Kettle incorporating inclined agitator and to the following specification:

  • 150 litre working capacity approximately.
  • Kettle interior constructed of type 316 stainless steel with a machine polished 180 grit sanitary finish. Kettle exterior constructed of type 304 stainless steel with a semi-deluxe buff finish.
  • Kettle dimensions to be approximately 660mm inside diameter by 616mm deep with 10% – 15% freeboard incorporated within above dimensions.
  • Kettle bowl of superior thickness manufactured using advanced techniques for longevity and enhanced performance.
  • Jacket designed and stamped for 4 Bar (higher pressures available on request).
  • Kettle exterior insulated with straight cylindrical cladding and closed in base filled with insulation material.
  • Kettle rim reinforced with stainless steel bar ring.
  • Inclined scraping type agitator driven by a 0.75kW mechanical fixed speed drive providing a speed of 36 TEFC motor suitable for operation on 400/3/50 electric current.  Drive supported by stainless steel channel bridge.
  • Kettle vortex breaker to give enhanced mixing, incorporating a non-calibrated PT100 temperature probe (calibrated available at extra cost, must be specified at time of order).
  • Agitator has finger type scraping blades with replaceable special heat resisting food approved plastic blades.
  • Two-piece lid, part fixed, part hinged. Hinged section to have second grill arrangement to enable powders etc, to be added with agitator(s) in operation. Stainless steel interlock switches to cut off agitator(s) when grill is lifted.
  • One (1) 3” outlet, tri-clover type fitting.
  • Steam and condensate connections to be advised.
  • Kettle bowl to tilt away from operator into high care by means of self-locking hand wheel mechanism.
  • Kettle to be mounted on ‘A’ frames or similar (TBC)
  • Kettle designed and built in accordance with ASME VIII, Division 1.
  • Manufactured in the UK.



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