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Meat, Poultry & Fish

DC Norris has been a pioneer in the production of Sous Vide cooking and cooling equipment since the early 1980s. Our range of Sous Vide Cook Tanks facilitates the gentle, low-temperature cooking process that yields exceptionally tender and flavourful results for proteins such as meat, poultry, and fish.


The equipment and systems DC Norris manufactures for the industrial cooking and processing of meat, poultry and seafood can handle anything from the tender cuts of beef to ground lamb incorporated in meat pies. DC Norris has been manufacturing sous vide cooking and cooling equipment since the early 1980’s, providing optimised cooking and chilling methods through water immersion and accurate temperature control .

The sous vide method of cooking eliminates guesswork and allows you to cook foods with incomparable taste and texture; perfectly cooked steak, tender chicken breasts and ribs with the meat falling off the bone. Products can also be cooked in a sauce or marinade giving food producers additional recipe choices.

Sophisticated systems control equipment and monitor product throughout the entire process. With Sous Vide Cooking operators can always have a ready supply of food on hand, to even out production scheduling and meet fluctuating food service needs. DCN also offer a Cook Tank/ Tumble Chiller dual purpose machine which delivers all the advantages of the standard Cook Tank (for stationary Sous Vide cooking/cooling) whilst also converting into a Tumble Chiller. This gives operators greater scope with their food production, with the option of cooling kettle-cooked products such as soups and sauces in their plastic pouches.

Sous Vide food preparation is used worldwide by professional chefs and is gaining popularity within the food processing industry as its advantages are being recognised. “Sous Vide cooking is the single greatest advancement in cooking technology in decades” Heston Blumenthal, Three Michelin Star Chef

DCN customers are using Sous Vide in the UK and around the globe; providing meals for schools in Russia, hospitals and care homes in Norway, and cooking goat, chicken, lamb and camel in Dubai.


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