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Cook Tank Tumble Chiller

Sous Vide Cook Tank & Sauce Cooler in 1 Machine! This versatile dual purpose machine delivers all the benefits of the Cook Tank - for stationary cooking and cooling of solid muscle items - (chicken, turkey, fish) whilst also converting into a Tumble Chiller. This gives operators the added option of cooling liquid kettle-cooked products such as soups and sauces in their Cook-Chill bags.


Sous Vide is a cooking technique which involves cooking food under vacuum in airtight plastic pouches submerged in a Cook Tank/ Water Bath.   Products are slow cooked in baskets in the Cook Tank which is held at a precisely controlled low temperature ensuring foods are cooked evenly and to perfection every time.


The Baskets/Trays are taken out of the tank, and Cook Chill bags are placed in the rotating drum for Tumble Chill mode.  This accelerates the cooling process and delivers a safe, extended, refrigerated shelf life of up to 45 days.


  • Part of the DCN Cook-Chill process
  • Slow overnight meat cooking
  • Fully automatic operation
  • Heating and cooling of process water using integral heat exchanger and pipework arrangement
  • Power failure memory retention
  • Spring assisted hinged tank cover with built in interlock safety switch
  •  E-terminal data logging (optional)
  • HACCP compliant

Mitsubishi HMI colour touch screen offering control of the following:

  • Mode selection
  • Cook with probe or time
  • Water temperature – actual and set point
  • Probe temperature – actual and set point
  • Cook time / soak time.

Cook Tank Tumble Chiller


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