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Our team has over 50 years of processing experience and a wealth of recipe knowledge; we can assist you with cooking and cooling solutions, as well as further development of your product.  Our latest innovations in cooling equipment have been designed with sustainability in mind – lowering our customers energy costs and using less water.

Customers can choose from four different cooling methods depending on the type of product and process requirements.

Belt Tumble Chiller:

Fast cooling times and automatic unloading of Cook Chill Bags. Reduces emptying time by 20 minutes.

Tumble Chillers:

Ideal for long shelf life products that can be stored below 4°C (40°F) and used up to 45 days later. (Cook-Chill System)

Static Coolers:

Vacuum or our DA Coolers – ideal for batch cooling.

In-Line Cooling:

A continuous process for sauces with and without particulate.

Cooling Systems

Vacuum Cooling

Static Coolers

Tumble Chiller

DCNs Belt tumble chiller

Belt Tumble Chiller


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