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The DC Norris team excels at providing tailored guidance for selecting the optimal processing solution tailored to your unique food, beverage, or pet food needs.  We are committed to maximising efficiency, boosting throughput, and delivering a delectable array of products to delight your customer base. Explore our extensive line-up of Industrial Cooking Equipment meticulously designed to cater to a wide spectrum of products and processes.

Delicious casseroles, soups and fine sauces through to delicate whole fruit compotes are cooked in our Steam Jacketed Kettles and using Jet Cook Technology, and would complement any table in the finest restaurants.

Our Cook Quench Chill machines produce large quantities of rice, pasta, noodles and sliced vegetables to a high quality without any sticking and with minimal damage.

Mouth-watering tender meat, poultry and fish is slow cooked Sous Vide style in a DCN Cook Tank, increasing yields and achieving perfect results every time.

Contact our expert sales team to discover more about our Industrial Cooking Systems.

Industrial Cooking Systems

Cook Quench Chill Adapt

Cook Quench Chill Systems

CT-1 Sous Vide Cook Tank

DCNs root vegetable cooker

Root Vegetable Cooking

Woks & Bratt Pans

Cook Tank Tumble Chiller

Joni Foodline Electric Kettles

Cooking sous vide style

Sous Vide Industrial Equipment

Static Ready-2-Cook Kettle

Steam Jacketed Kettles

Ready-2-Cook Kettle


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