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Cook Chill Systems

DC Norris' Cook-Chill System: An Industry Benchmark for Food Safety, Pasteurisation, Extended Shelf Life, and Production Efficiency.

Industrial Cooking Systems

Customised Industrial Cooking Equipment designed for efficiency and optimal performance, tailored to meet the unique production requirements of food processing operations.

Cooling Systems

DCN advanced cooling systems for food processing offer innovation and excellence, retaining product quality whilst also keeping batch times to a minimum.

Industrial Can Opening & Can Crushing

Precision-Engineered Can Openers and Crushers for Fast, Efficient Industrial Solutions


Excellent kettle control is essential if both the equipment and processing line are to maintain optimum efficiency. DCN design all software systems in–house, using the latest technology and cutting-edge software.

New & Used Food Equipment

We have the following new & refurbished food machinery in stock.

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