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DC Norris’ Industrial Sous Vide Cook Tanks are used by customers in the UK and Worldwide, providing nutritious meals for schools, hospitals and care homes.  Our Systems are also employed to cook diverse proteins including goat, chicken, lamb and camel in Middle Eastern Countries, showcasing the global adaptability and effectiveness of our systems.


The Sous Vide method revolutionises cooking by eliminating guesswork, ensuring foods are cooked to perfection with unmatched taste and texture. This technique delivers:

  • Perfectly Cooked Proteins: Achieve consistently tender steaks, succulent chicken breasts, and fall-off-the-bone ribs.
  • Versatile Recipe Options: Cook products in sauces or marinades, expanding recipe possibilities for food producer

Our Industrial Sous Vide Cook Tanks and Water Baths are offered in a variety of capacities and are available in both steam and electric versions. These versatile units are designed to accommodate every application and set-up, from commercial kitchens to large-scale industrial factories.

Dual-Purpose Cook Tank/Tumble Chiller

DC Norris offers a Cook Tank/Tumble Chiller dual-purpose machine, combining the benefits of stationary sous vide cooking and cooling with the flexibility of a Tumble Chiller.

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Improved flavour and texture of food products.

Important nutrients and vitamins are locked in.

No direct human or utensil contact during cooking or cooling.

Extended Shelf-Life

Our system's combination of vacuum packing, slow cooking, and rapid chilling extends refrigerated shelf-life up to 45 days, locking in freshness and flavour while retarding bacterial growth.

Relevant Systems


The CT-1 Sous Vide Cook Tank is the latest to join our range of industrial and commercial Sous Vide equipment - it's compact design developed with the small-scale food manufacturers, food service or restaurant in mind.

Cook Tank Tumble Chiller

Sous Vide Cook Tank & Sauce Cooler in 1 Machine! This versatile dual purpose machine delivers all the benefits of the Cook Tank - for stationary cooking and cooling of solid muscle items - (chicken, turkey, fish) whilst also converting into a Tumble Chiller.

Woks & Bratt Pans

The Model 2700 Wok is a versatile high performance steam jacketed braising pan, ideal for small batch ethnic and ready meals products. This agitated Braising Pan can fry, cook and simmer and is capable of reaching high temperatures in half the time of conventional kettles.

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The jet cook and braising bar demonstrated fantastic particulate integrity, and a fresher more home cooked finished product

Ronnie Miles, Managing Director

Bells Food Group Ltd

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