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Cook Quench Chill Systems

DC Norris introduces the ground-breaking Cook Quench Chill Adapt Series, featuring advanced high-speed cooking technology and a versatile modular design. This innovative system is tailored to meet the diverse needs of modern food manufacturers, offering unparalleled efficiency and flexibility.

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Versatile Modular Design

The Cook Quench Chill Adapt system boasts a modular construction, providing food manufacturers with enhanced flexibility. It can be installed over a high-care/low-risk barrier or as a single unit, with the capability to expand at any time to increase capacity and throughput. The modular units attach easily together, simplifying installation and connection to services.


  • Pasta Products
  • Potatoes
  • Vegetables
  • Pulses
  • Mixed Grains

Optimum Performance

DC Norris’ Cook Quench Chill Adapt system ensures faster cooking and blanching speeds thanks to the inclusion of two patented Jet Heat direct steam heat systems. The Variable Wave Agitation System guarantees product quality by preventing damage and clumping during processing.

Water & Energy Saving Food Processing

Designed with sustainability in mind, the Cook Quench Chill Adapt system maximizes water savings with smaller tank capacities and variable water levels to suit different batch sizes. The Starch Removal System allows for the reuse of water for new batches, enhancing efficiency. Internal heat exchangers continuously chill and control the quench and chill water temperature, further saving water as it recirculates through stainless steel heat exchangers. These heat exchangers are cleaned as part of the in-place cleaning regime, with backflushing also available.

Key Benefits

 Patented Jet Heat Direct Steam Heat System: Ensures optimum performance with faster heat-up and cooking times.

 Water and Energy Savings: Five water level options tailored to product and batch size requirements.

 Starch Management: A separate weir in the water holding tank allows starch to be run off during cooking, reducing the frequency of water changes.

  Safety: Fully interlocked guarding ensures safe operation.

 Product Quality: The Wave Agitation System assures product quality by preventing damage and clumping.

 Ease of Cleaning: No external switches or wires; includes a CIP system for internal pipework and heat exchangers. A water gun is provided for manually washing baskets.

Discover the pinnacle of sustainable, energy-efficient cooking solutions with DC Norris’ Cook Quench Chill Adapt technology. Contact us today to learn more about how our innovative systems can revolutionize your operations.


Available as 2, 3, 4  basket machines
Basket Capacity Sizes – 75, 200, 300 litres
Easy to use HMI – stores recipes
Loading / unloading by tote bin lift or conveyor
Food safe and hygienic components
Unique water heating system
Steam and glycol required

DC Norris also offer the following models:

Rotary and Linear Cook Quench Chill – follows the same cooking process as our original CQC machine but has a smaller footprint/design to suit a more compressed factory production area.

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Discover More About the Cook Quench Chill Adapt System

CQC Rotary Brochure


CQC Linear Brochure


"A number of different products are being produced on this system and the performance exceeded our expectation.  The ‘Adapt’ is using a fraction of the amount of water and energy compared to our existing linear system. In addition we have seen significant improvements in overall plant and labour productivity, through increased batch sizes, reduced cycle times (in some cases cycle times have halved) and reduced line manning."
Chris Copestake
Chief Executive
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