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Can Openers: DCN offers Can-Openers that are available in standalone, semi-automated, and fully automated configurations. These can  handle a throughput ranging from 100 to 800 cans per hour, ensuring efficient can-opening for food processing.

Can Crushers: The Model 990 Industrial Can Crusher is designed for crushing empty cans, reducing them to approximately 25% of their original height. This can assist in waste reduction and recycling efforts.

Conveyor Systems: DCN offers both belt conveyors and fully automated slatband conveyors, which play a crucial role in the seamless movement of products within the food processing facility.

Mixers: DCN’s mixer range includes equipment suitable for various batch sizes, from small pilot plant cutter/mixers to large industrial models. These mixers are capable of slicing, mixing, and transferring ingredients, making them ideal for processing products such as sauces, preserves, or dips. They come with features like speed control, vacuum steam jacketing, and product unloading. Additionally, accessories such as in-line homogenisers and top-mounted versions are available.

Jacketed or Non-Jacketed Paddle Mixers: These mixers are designed for gently blending volumes ranging from 300 to 3000 litres. Jacketed mixers are suitable for processes that require heating or cooling.

Ribbon Blenders: Ribbon blenders are commonly used for thorough mixing of dry and solid ingredients, ensuring consistent product quality.

Star Deck Tread Plate for Gantries:  Specially designed for safe access and operation within the food processing facility.

Depositors and Form Fill Seal Machines:  These machines are essential for accurate and efficient product filling and packaging.

 Retorts: Retorts are used for the sterilisation and preservation of various food products, ensuring product safety and shelf stability.

Load Cell Mounting: DCN offers the option to mount load cells on items in their preparation range, enabling metered ingredient addition and ensuring the consistency of processed batches.

With this comprehensive range of equipment, DCN can provide the tools needed to set up an efficient food processing factory, covering various aspects of food preparation and processing while focusing on efficiency, consistency, and quality control.

Additional Equipment

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