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Steam Jacketed Kettles

DCN has an extensive range of Steam Jacketed Kettles built with a traditional high polished stainless steel finish. They are available in various jacket styles, and in a wide range of sizes from 10 to 5000 litres. Our kettles can reach a very high temperature rapidly with steam pressure of up to 12 bar.

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Kettles are available with a huge range of accessories and features

Kettles can be integrated into existing processes by utilising the range of outlet options that can be fitted to the base of the kettle.

DCN hold a number of patents and have bespoke designs to suit each customer and their products. Kettles are available with a huge range of accessories and features:

  • Jet Cook System
  • Caramelising system for onions and meat
  • In-vessel homogenisers
  • Shovel scraper blades
  • Horizontal and inclined agitators.

Recipes are simple to produce using our Recipe Manager software which provides a straightforward and flexible method of controlling a recipe driven production process.

DCN Virtual Chart Recorder allows customers to log information relating to temperature changes in any cooking/cooling process, this enables them to keep a record of their quality assurance

Steam Jacketed Kettles