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Vacuum Cooling

DCN's Vacuum Cooling Vessels are designed to provide a rapid and efficient method of cooling various food products, including sauces, soups, and rice.

DC Norris’ Vacuum Cooling Vessels offer a versatile and efficient solution for food producers looking to rapidly cool their products while reaping the benefits of reduced processing times, energy savings, improved product quality, and enhanced shelf life. This can be particularly advantageous for industries that deal with large batch sizes of sauces, soups, rice, and other similar food products.

Vacuum Cooling is a unique process that offers several benefits to food producers, including:

  1. Shorter Processing Times:  Vacuum cooling is known for its speed in rapidly reducing the temperature of hot or cooked food products. This can lead to quicker overall processing times, which can be especially valuable in a production setting.
  2. Energy Savings:  Vacuum cooling relies on the principle of evaporative cooling, which requires significantly less energy compared to traditional cooling methods.  This can result in cost savings for the food producer and a more environmentally friendly cooling process.
  3. Improved Shelf Life:  The rapid cooling process can help preserve the quality of food products by minimizing the growth of bacteria and other microorganisms. This, in turn, can extend the shelf life of the products, reducing the likelihood of spoilage and waste.
  4. Quality and Safety:  Vacuum cooling is effective in preventing the formation of ice crystals and the overcooking of food products, which can negatively impact their texture and flavour. It also helps maintain the nutritional value of the food. Additionally, by quickly cooling the products, it reduces the risk of foodborne pathogens and contamination, enhancing food safety.

DC Norris’ vacuum cooling solutions offer an impressive cooling capability, as they can typically cool products from a high temperature of 90°C down to a much lower temperature of 5°C within a short timeframe of just 45 minutes. What’s particularly notable about this technology is that it accomplishes this cooling without the need for expensive refrigeration systems, which are commonly used in other cooling methods such as scrape surface cooling, pouch cooling, and traditional blast chilling rooms.

This efficiency in cooling without the use of expensive refrigeration equipment can result in cost savings for food producers. Vacuum cooling is an energy-efficient and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional cooling methods, making it an attractive option for various industries, including food processing, where rapid cooling is essential to maintain product quality and safety.

These vessels are suitable for batch sizes ranging from 100-1000 litres

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