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Speakers Corner: Central Production Units and the Journey to 500,000 Meals Per Day

The event

Stuart Rigby, Product and Process Expert at DC Norris, is set to share his global expertise on product and process development specifically tailored for central production Stuart Rigbyunits aimed at large-scale food manufacturing. He will be presenting at the Anuga Foodtec Exhibition taking place in Cologne on the 20th March from 3:00-3.30pm.

Stuart’s insights, cultivated through a long history of working with blue chip food manufacturers, will be shared to empower attendees with the knowledge needed to seamlessly scale-up their production capabilities and efficiently manage high volumes of meals.

In his presentation, Stuart Rigby will not only look at the innovative cooking and cooling technologies essential for efficient meal production, he will also guide participants through the complete journey from inception to completion.

Join Stuart at the Speakers Corner – Wednesday 20th March – 3:00-3:30pm – Hall 10.1 – F070/G081 

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Product & Process Development

Attendees can gain insights into the collaborative approach DC Norris adopts with clients, navigating through the initial stages of recipe and product conception all the way to the meticulous installation and commissioning of the system.  Stuart’s expertise promises to unveil the process for achieving quality products with optimal efficiency and precision in large-scale food production.

Stuart has conducted over 4,500 product trials across 62 countries, encompassing a diverse range of items such as ready meals, soups, sauces, beverages, syrups, and pre-mixes.

Highlights of the Talk:

From Start-up Companies to Global Food Manufacturers – adapting products and processes from small batch sizes to large scale production.

Recipe & Process Development – Launching new product lines, training chefs, cooks, process managers and NPD globally.

Menu Diversification:  CPUs may offer a diverse range of food items to cater to different tastes, ethnicity and dietary preferences. This can include a variety of cuisines and menu options.

Product Case Study – Stuart will showcase some diverse product examples and demonstrate the process of scaling up recipes for high-volume production.

FIFA World Cup Case Study – Delve into the FIFA World Cup Case Study, where DC Norris played a pivotal role in orchestrating the production of 200,000 meals daily for the Qatar event in 2022.  This was for the events VIP Suites, Restaurants, Catering Facilities, and the dedicated workforce.

DC Norris, a global leader in food processing technology, is excited to announce its participation in the upcoming Anuga Foodtec Exhibition 2024. The event, scheduled to take place from 19th – 22nd March 2024 at Koelnmesse in Cologne, Germany, will provide a platform for industry professionals to explore the cutting-edge innovations in food processing.

About DC Norris:

DC Norris is a leading provider of food processing technology, specialising in innovative solutions that enhance efficiency, sustainability, and product quality. With a commitment to driving positive change in the food industry, DC Norris continues to revolutionise food processing through cutting-edge technologies like the DCN Jet Cook System.


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