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Pump Fill Station

The Pump Fill Station is a fast and accurate way to batch kettle-cooked product into Cook-Chill Bags.  A stand-alone unit, it is designed to integrate with a DCN Kettle and Tumble Chiller and therefore forms part of the DCN Cook-Chill system of food preparation, storage and distribution.


  • Pumps solids (35mm) with no product damage
  • Clipping head with ‘no-clip’ alarm
  • Temperature cut-out to prevent cold filling of bags
  • Self-teach for repeat fill weights
  • Microprocessor control
  • Positive Rotary Pump or Sine pump for thick products
  • All stainless steel construction


  • E-terminal data logging
  • Load Cell
  • C.I.P incorporation

New volumetric piston pump version now available

Pump Fill Station brochure

Pump Fill Station


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The jet cook and braising bar demonstrated fantastic particulate integrity, and a fresher more home cooked finished product

Ronnie Miles, Managing Director

Bells Food Group Ltd

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