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Recipe Manager Software

Recipe Manager Software package provides a simple to use and flexible method of controlling a recipe-driven production process. Working closely with our customers to understand and identify what they require; we have developed the very best system in the market.

Designed to manage cook processes in a semi–automated controlled manner; recipes are created within the Recipe Manager application and stored in a Microsoft SQL database.

Created recipes can then be transferred to each kettle individually or by using the scheduler, the recipe ingredients are automatically scaled for any desired batch size.


The kettle automatically follows each written recipe. The amount of automation varies dependant on the application.
For fully piped systems, all additions heat, speed and times are controlled by the kettle and no operator intervention is required at all.
For recipes with manual additions (the majority of installations) the user is prompted when an ingredient or ingredients are required. The addition must be within the tolerance, written in the recipe, before the step can continue. A full record of everything that occurred during the cook is always recorded.


The scheduler organises all kettle activity, forcing batches to be cooked in a specific order.
Multi tonne batches can be automatically split between several kettles.

Reporting System

A full report is available immediately after the cook. This includes details regarding the person responsible for the cook as well as all temperatures, weights, amounts actually added and any deviations. The report also automatically calculates pasteurisation values and cooking efficiency. All reports can be exported to a variety of other formats including xls, pdf, html.

The system requires the following equipment:
Office PC – Supplied with the system when not installed in a client server configuration.
PLC – Currently the system is available using Mitsubishi Fx series PLC configuration. Other PLC types can be provided if required, however some functional limitation may apply depending on type.

The user-friendly system allows customers to create ingredient listings, step–by–step procedural recipes and user access security with all recipes stored to a relational database. The system maintains full records of kettle yields, allowing bar code identification from preparation through to packaging, and ensures all HACCP controls are met.

  • Automatic Supervisor Notification – supervisors will be notified immediately via email/SMS message of any process deviations outside of the recipe parameters.
  • Ingredient Addition Management (IAM) – create and manage the food preparation area including Barcode reading and RFID tagging where required.

We now offer a ‘Lite’ Version of Recipe Manager

  • Simplified version of ‘Full’ Recipe Manager
  • Recipes created on HMI screen only
  • Suitable for standalone kettles with limited recipes

  • Calculates pasteurisation values for pathogenic microorganisms (PU / PO)
  • Temperatures, cook times and motor speeds are automatically controlled by the recipe
  • Visual display of plant layout and fault notification
  • Records all weights, temperatures, sequences, deviations and errors
  • Creates batch reports in text and graph formats
  • Piped additions are batched in automatically and verified by either load cell or flow meter
  • Touch screen for operator use
  • Displays machine operator HMI screens in real time (remote view)
  • Data can be exported to most popular formats such as Xls, Pdf and HTML
  • Recipes can include full screen high resolution pictures
  • Can interface to existing ERP/MRP systems
  • Manages all users and ingredients throughout the cooking process
  • Recipes can automatically scale ingredients for different batch sizes
  • Full Audit trail of all recipes
  • Can be setup as a client server installation where several users can use Recipe Manager at the same time.

Recipe Manager


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