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Woks & Bratt Pans

The Model 2700 Wok is a versatile high performance steam jacketed braising pan, ideal for small batch ethnic and ready meals products. This agitated Braising Pan can fry, cook and simmer and is capable of reaching high temperatures in half the time of conventional kettles.


  • Insulated Bowl
  • Programmable agitation
  • 150 litre capacity
  • Easy remove agitator
  • Stainless steel or plastic blades
  • Heat shields
  • Pouring Lip
  • PD5500 or ASME VIII Div 1 Certified
  • All stainless steel design


  • Tilts both ways  for high/ low risk (Option)
  • Variable speed  (Option)
  • Thermal oil heated
  • Temperature logging (optional)

Bratt Pans

Traditional rectangular high temperature steam Bratt Pan, designed for shallow frying, braising, poaching and boiling or can be used as a griddle.  The DCN Bratt pan is very popular for cooking ethnic style foods.


  • 200 or 300 Litre capacity
  • 316 st/st contact parts, other parts 304 st/st
  • 9 bar steam jacket (Thermal Oil option)
  • PD5500 or ASME VIII Div 1 Certified
  • Manual or auto tilt
  • Pouring Lip
  • Tilt both ways (High & Low Risk)
  • Heat Shields


  • Load cells
  • Hand held temperature probe
  • Temperature display
  • Lid

DCN can also offer a range of gas bratt pans, please contact our Sales Team for further details.

Wok Style Braising Pan


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