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Model 400 Heat Seal Pump Fill Station

The Model 400 Heat Seal Pump Fill Station is the latest addition to DCN’s filling range with brand new unique features and benefits.

Food manufacturers can use The Model 400 as part of the DCN Cook Chill Process to fill and seal bags for an extended shelf life. This gives another option to our traditional Model 370/390 Clipper Machines which have been industry standard for over 30 years.

The Model 400 is fast and efficient, filling up to 5 bags per minute (based on 5kg fill).  The Heat Seal technology makes for a clean, aesthetically pleasing seal and is ideal for Foodservice clients or manufacturer supply of Cook Chill to retail locations.  This cost effective option removes the need for clips, and reduces metal detector testing.

DCN has developed the new design with comfort of the user in mind, and the process requires minimal operator handling.   The bags are held secure during the filling and transporting operations so operators are not required to carry hot heavy filled bags.

We have also listened to our customers and added an automatic loading system which can be adapted to load direct into a Tumble Chiller chute without the need for a conveyor.


  • Fills up to 5 bags per minute (based on 5kg fill)
  • Reduce bag waste
  • Reduce bag size
  • Reduce operator handling
  • Improve operator safety


  • Heat Seal technology = cleaner seal
  • Robust & oxygen impervious seal
  • Auto loading into Tote Bin via chute
  • Adjustable drop height to suit different chute height
  • Mobile for ease of movement between multiple Tumble Chillers
  • Hygienic Lobe pump for a range of sauces – up to 25mm particulate
  • Stainless Steel construction


  • Standard model comes with chute to discharge bags into Tote Bin
  • Upgrade and add an extended arm lift to feed directly into Tumble Chiller

Heat Seal Pump Fill


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