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The Jet Process technology enables manufacturers to streamline operations by reducing the number of processing vessels required, conserving energy, and enhancing product quality. A recent installation demonstrated these benefits by occupying a footprint of only 120 square meters while producing 18,000 kilograms of wet pet food per hour, operated by a single operator.


Traditional wet pet food processing consists of multiple jacketed or pressure vessels, emulsifiers, heat exchangers and/or retorts all to achieve high temperature sterilisation.  These typically take up a large footprint and the equipment requires regular maintenance and yearly pressure testing.  The multiple processing stages use huge amounts or energy along with large volumes of water and caustic to clean and remove burn-on.  A considerable amount of labour may also be required depending on throughput.

We use our high speed Jet Entrainment for powders such as gums, gels, vitamins and hydrocolloids. This entrains, heats, mixes and hydrates the powders to their required temperature in single figure minutes.  It then automatically transfers them to a unjacketed processing vessel, where ingredients such as meat, vegetables, water and rice are added .

Our patented Jet Cook™ In-tank units heat and emulsifies the pet food to 50°C, then high shear mixing heads are used to create the final texture before the product is automatically diverted via Jet In-line units.  It is then heated again from 50°C to 150°C in a single pass in less than 2 metres, with zero burn-on or fouling.  As product goes through the units, the process flow undergoes a double phase change and a very rapid transition of pressure and velocity.

Any powders, fats or liquids contained in the flow become thoroughly homogenised, along with even heat distribution from steam condensation, giving a 99.8% usage of the steam energy. The cooling process is completed using the same line, bringing it back down to 70°C before diverting to the filler holding vessels.

Finally, the mains water that has cooled the product after sterilisation is recovered back into the first process vessel, saving huge amounts of energy and ensuring the system is highly efficient.

DCN also installed a recovery system that utilises energy and water from one part of  the process and recycles it for use in another, thus further saving energy and lowering water usage making the system even more efficient.

Relevant Systems

Jet Cook

Experience unparalleled efficiency and quality in liquid food and beverage processing with the multi-award-winning patented Jet Cook technology from DC Norris.

Powder Entrainment

The new high speed Jet Entrain Powder Induction system can entrain 600kg of powders in approximately two minutes.

Ready-2-Cook Kettles

The Ready-2-Cook Steam-Jacketed industrial Kettle range has been designed to give manufacturers a simple route to food production, whilst also offering the high quality build standards you would expect from DCN. The system is ready to start cooking with minimal installation and training required.

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The jet cook and braising bar demonstrated fantastic particulate integrity, and a fresher more home cooked finished product

Ronnie Miles, Managing Director

Bells Food Group Ltd

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