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Product Development Kitchen

Effective product and process development, coupled with comprehensive training, are pivotal to the success of your business. Customers benefit from our expansive expertise and have access to Product Development Kitchens located in the UK, US, and South Africa.

Our commitment to excellence is exemplified through meticulous testing of both equipment and customer products in a simulated food factory environment equipped with a diverse range of cutting-edge equipment, services, and facilities. Our seasoned team is readily available to support clients in product and process development, providing them with the opportunity to thoroughly assess equipment performance and make well-informed purchasing decisions.

The depth of experience within our Process team spans decades, with a track record of assisting clients worldwide in optimising their food production. Having conducted over 5000 product trials across 62 global locations, our team excels in replicating and, in most cases, enhancing client throughput, product quality, and consistency.

Additionally, we specialise in developing healthier foods by reducing the amount of salt, fat and starch while also offering valuable support for the successful launch of new product lines.

Pre-delivery Inspections

Full pre-delivery trials and training are available to ensure equipment is running to its full potential before it leaves our factory and is installed.

On-going Recipe Development & Support

We offer full Process and Product training on DC Norris equipment post commissioning to ensure that our systems continue to operate at their maximum potential, delivering optimal efficiency and maximum product yields.


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