Caramelised Onion Marmalade - DC Norris

Caramelised Onion Marmalade


Due to the high sugar content of the recipe and high water content of the onions this high viscosity product suffers from serious burn-on and a very long processing time to achieve the required final brix level.

Due to its popularity this product is now made on nearly a daily basis tying up processing vessels for as long as 120mins per batch , and incurring long clean down times.


Using a combination our patented Jet Cook system, Braising Bar and Vapour Reduction System we ran the following process

  • Onion were added to the vessel with a little oil and sugar and using our braising bar lightly caramelised.
  • Soft brown sugar, vinegar, treacle and other ingredients are added to the vessel and heated to 100°C using our Steam infusion unit in less than 5mins.
  • Our Vapour reduction system is now started and we extract between 4 and 7ltrs of liquid from the batch per min until we reach a final brix of 67.

The combination of the Jet Cook unit, vapour reduction system , braising bar and our unique agitator paddles ensure a speed cook with zero burn-on and a finished product with fantastic onion integrity.


A 500kg batch was produced in 53 minutes with a good rounded flavour, superb onion integrity, and no burn-on.

“Our partnership with DCN stems from their understanding of our business and therefore the ability to provide solutions that fit our business needs”
Richard Cooper - CEO
In2food, South Africa