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A bowl of clotted cream rice pudding

Clotted Cream Rice Pudding


Clotted cream rice pudding, the most indulgent of desserts is expensive to produce due to the long cooking time and high quality ingredients used, and has a high risk of burn -on contamination and over cooking of the rice using traditional steam jacketed vessels. Containing 10% clotted cream, single cream , whole milk and sugar even cooking on a low pressure jacket can cause damage to this fragile product.


Using our Jet Cook™ system to rapidly heat the dairy phase of the recipe to 70°C before adding the rice and taking it to its final holding temperature of 92°C took approx. 6mins for a 400kg batch, this would usually take 60mins with a low pressure jacket.

The advantage besides the speed and the additional homogenising effect the system has on the dairy mix is that the product and the vessel skin are always at the same temperature so zero burnon. A low pressure jacket at only 2bar will give a surface temp of 134°C, almost certainly giving you burn-on.

Our patented scraper blades /scoops combined with our variable speed and direction agitator ensure the rice is kept in suspension whilst not being over processed giving an evenly cooked product every time.


A 400kg batch of clotted cream rice pudding was produced in 55 minutes with a luxurious creamy mouth feel, good rice texture, and zero burn-on.

This product would normally take 140mins to produce on a steam jacketed vessel and then another 30mins to clean down.

“The system allowed us to produce our product to the same and sometimes better quality than our existing steam jacketed vessels, but at least 50% quicker”
Robert Graham - General Factory Manager
Greencore Kiverton
A bowl of clotted cream rice pudding
A helping of clotted cream rice pudding
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