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Strawberry Topping


To produce a high quality strawberry topping with good fruit integrity and a high gloss finish, whilst also reducing the traditionally lengthy processing time.


To use our Jet Cook™ In-Tank unit to rapidly heat and mix the base ingredients including the hydrocolloids to achieve a smooth glossy base for the fruit. The strawberries are then added to the gel base and can be gently moved through the unit and round the vessel, whilst also being heated without damage due to the 50mm bore. There are no moving parts in the unit and the steam-jacketed vessel wasn’t used, guaranteeing no burn-on contamination.


A strawberry topping with superb particulate integrity, a high gloss finish and fresh flavoured taste. There was no burn-on and more importantly no fish-eyes or gel balls from un-hydrated starch and hydrocolloids. The product time was halved from our existing traditional methods and there was no need to clean down between batches.

”The cooking time was incredibly quick and the quality of the pieces of fruit was excellent. The flexibility of the product range we can now produce is remarkable.”
Mr.Vugar Hebobov - Chief Automation Manager
Azersun Holding - Azerbaijan
A bowl of strawberry topping
Strawberry topping on a cheesecake
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