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Jars of white peaches in syrup

White Peaches in Syrup


To reduce the oxidisation (colour change) in the peaches and give a better, firmer and evenly cooked finished product.

Remove the “caramelised “ flavour sometimes present in the finished product.

These issues are usually caused by the product being over-cooked and poorly agitated, especially if using a Steam Jacket.


Using our Jet Cook™ In-Tank unit on high shear we rapidly produced the base 70brix sugar syrup to 90°C without any burn-on contamination.

The peaches are then added and the In-Tank unit is reduced to slow, allowing the peaches to be evenly moved through the unit and heated.

As the white peaches in syrup are being heated whilst also being mixed there is very little drop in the initial temperature of the sugar syrup. This speeds up the cooking time of the fruit, and reduces the oxidisation usually caused by the slow heat up time.


Perfectly and evenly cooked white peaches in syrup (“clean”) with no flavour contamination.

The colour of the peaches was impressive. as was the texture of the flesh.

”The flexibility of the product range we can now produce is remarkable and opens a larger market place for our company both locally and Internationally.”
Mr.Vugar Hebobov - Chief Automation Manager
Azersun Holding - Azerbaijan
White peaches
Jars of white peaches in syrup
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