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yellow cherries

Yellow Cherry Compote


To reduce the fruit degradation, get a consistent brix level and improve the colour of this popular local product.


Using a combination of our In-Tank Jet Cook™ and Vapour Reduction System, we produced the flavoured base sugar syrup within single figure minutes. The base syrup was crystal clear, (using a steam jacket often produces an opaque syrup.)

The fruit was then added to the system and using the In-Tank unit on low shear we heated the product to 98°C. There are no moving parts and with a 50mm bore none of the fruit was damaged.

This heating process using the jacket usually takes approx. 40mins. During this long heat-up time the fruit is damaged by being pressed against a jacket with a surface temperature in excess of 150°C. Once we reach 98°C the Vapour Reduction System is started and the liquid is drawn off the product at a rate of between 4-3kgs per minute. The liquid drawn from the product and the concentrated syrup is infused into the fruit giving a final brix of 72.

This total process is produced in an atmospheric vessel. The perfect yellow cherry compote!


A highly glossed finish product with excellent fruit definition and integrity. The flavour was very good and had no caramelised/ off-flavours sometimes found with steam jacket production.

By using our patented Recipe Manager to produce and control the recipe , we had a consistent and recordable brix level throughout all the batches.

”The flexibility of the product range we can now produce is remarkable and opens a larger market place for our company both locally and Internationally.”
Mr. Vugar Hebobov - Chief Automation Manager
Azersun Holding - Azerbaijan
yellow cherries
Yellow cherry compote
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