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A focus on the DCN Belt Chiller

December 8, 2022

Author: Annabel Norris, Marketing Manager

Our newly designed 1000ltr Belt Chiller for cooling bagged product, gives customers the ability to reduce their processing times by up to 50%.  One of the UK’s leading food service and home delivery companies has recognised the cost and energy saving benefits and are currently adding a Belt Chiller to their existing Cook Chill Production.*

See the Belt Chiller in action here:

*Cook Chill System comprising of DCN Kettle with Jet Cook, Pump Fill Station and Belt Chiller. 

 Learn more about the Belt Chiller Process:

The Belt Tumble Chiller uses a flighted belt to massage the bags to replace the rotating drum of our standard Tumble Chiller. This method circulates the chilled water more efficiently around the bags, resulting in faster cooling times, especially of more viscous products.   As a secondary cooling aid, chilled water is also sprayed on top of the bags during the cycle.

The low-level design enables operatives and technical staff to easily take samples of bags during the cooling process. Technical staff can label individual bags and remove them one at a time during the cooling process for analysis, without having to open the door and empty the water.


When cooling is complete, the belt lifts the bags out of the water and deposits them directly into the customers tote bin.  This revolutionary feature also removes the need for manual labour so prevents any RSI issues.   The self-unloading system takes a fraction of the time taken to manually unload traditional drum type chillers.

A 500kg batch is typically unloaded in 60 seconds, reducing emptying time by approximately 25 minutes.


To speed up the cleaning of the system, the Belt Chiller has been fitted with DCN’s patented Jet Cook System which rapidly heats the water for the cleaning process.

Belt Chiller Sizes:

 The Belt Chiller is available in three sizes: 500 / 1000 /1500 litre

If you would like further information on DCN’s latest innovations, then please contact us at [email protected]

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