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Burn-on issues eliminated using DCN’s Jet Cook Technology

February 24, 2023

Author: Emma Hodgson, Marketing Executive

One of the questions we may get asked is – How does Jet Cook differ from traditional Steam Jacketed Kettle Cooking? We put this to the test this week during trials in our South African Test Kitchen with one of the food industries leading branded companies.

We demonstrated some of DCN Jet Cook’s benefits and versatility on two very different products – Chilli Sauce and a Dried Breakfast Cereal.  The customer had previously had issues with burn-on using their existing Steam Jacketed Kettles, which affected taste and cleaning times.  They also wanted to see how they could reduce energy costs by shortening processing times.

Using DCN’s Jet Cook, In-Vessel Homogeniser and Braising Bar, we were able to produce the following results:

Chilli Sauce

Jet Cook Process:

  1. In-Tank Jet Cook rapidly hydrates the starches.
  2. Addition of vegetables and sugar.
  3. Product heated to 95°C.
  4. Discharge.


Dried Breakfast Cereal

 Jet Cook Process:

  1. DCN’s In-Tank Jet Cook System and In-vessel Homogeniser produced a high brix and high viscosity paste, containing more than 27% powders.
  2. The paste is pumped to a drying line for further processing.


If you would like to book a trial with our experienced product and process team in either our UK or South African Product Development Kitchens – please contact on [email protected]

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