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Cook Quench Chill Adapt

DCN’s Cook Quench Chill Adapt System Making Waves in the Global Food Industry

November 29, 2023

Author: Emma Hodgson, Marketing Executive

In a significant milestone for DC Norris’ new Cook Quench Chill ‘Adapt’ system, we have now received orders for seven machines during a twelve-month period.  The latest order is set to enhance the operations of a renowned Ready Meals manufacturer located overseas, underlining the system’s growing popularity and global demand.

Success Across Continents:

DCN’s Cook Quench Chill systems, renowned for their inbuilt energy and water-saving features, along with a modular design philosophy, have garnered attention worldwide.  With installations already in the United States, Australia, Europe, and the UK, DCN’s cooking and cooling systems are revolutionising the production of convenience food products.  The success of the Process Management  System, allowing for multiple ingredient additions during the cooking process, further reinforces the efficiency and versatility of the Cook Quench Chill Adapt.

Proven Efficiency and Cost Reduction:

The Cook Quench Chill Adapt’s track record of seven orders in a year is a testament to its effectiveness in improving production efficiency and reducing operating costs for clients. The system’s capability to handle diverse ingredients, such as different types of rice with grains and vegetables, has resonated well with manufacturers seeking high-quality products with streamlined processes.

Expanding Market Presence:

As DCN continues to receive orders from around the globe, the CQC Adapt is rapidly becoming an industry favourite for a variety of products, including pasta, rice, potatoes, and pulses. With several more orders in the pipeline, the system is poised to make further inroads into the global food production landscape.

Future Prospects:

Looking ahead, we are working with customers from the Far East on another project scheduled for the second quarter of 2024. This marks another milestone in DCN’s commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions to meet the evolving needs of the food industry.

Contact DCN for Enhanced Production Efficiency:

If you are interested in exploring how the Cook Quench Chill Adapt or any other DCN industrial food processing equipment can elevate your production efficiency, the DCN product and process team is ready to discuss tailored solutions.

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