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Sauce Trials at CPUT – South Africa

June 28, 2022

Author: Emma Hodgson, Marketing Executive

A week of sauce trials commenced yesterday in DCN’s Product Development Kitchen located in Cape Town South Africa.  The team were introducing DCN’s Jet Cook System to a new customer who produces sauces for one of the world’s best-known fast-food brands, amongst other major brands in SA.  We were using the trials as a comparison between the traditional production methods and DCN Jet Cook process.

Tomato Ketchup Sauce – local SA Market

Traditional Steam-Jacketed Vessel Method:

Time: 50-60 minutes (approx.)

Cleaning Requirements: Full clean down after every 4 batches to remove burn on and debris.

DCN Jet Cook System:

Time: 13 minutes

Cleaning: Zero burn-on

Energy usage: 60% less energy.

Processing: The process was simplified by having only two stages.

Finished Product:

Finished Product:  Increased viscosity which means the customer has the option to either reduce starch or add more water.
The flavour waintensified due to the Jet Cook process, so that the addition of extra water would not be detrimental to the product flavour.

Sweet Chilli Sauce (garlic, fresh chilli, dried chilli and a high percentage of sugar and fructose.)

Traditional Steam-Jacketed Vessel Method:

Time: 60 minutes (approx.)

Challenge:  The high sugar levels can affect the starch hydration.  Severe burn-on can occur as the sugar burns onto the side of the vessel during cooking and discharging.

DCN Jet Cook System & In-Vessel Homogeniser

Time: 11 minutes

Method:  With the in-vessel homogeniser we were able to pour the xanthan gum directly into the liquid without having to pre-slurry.

The starch was added directly into the liquid in the vessel with the in-tank DCN Jet Cook on high shear.  This combination allows the starch to start gelatinising very quickly before the sugars are added, which very quickly take up the water, stopping or slowing down the starch hydration.   The 4.5% starch could be reduced by at least 30% as again the product was too viscose.

Finished Product:  Significantly more visible chillies and garlic than the existing product.  Enhanced powerful flavour and glossy finish.

The products were packed and are on the way to a taste panel taking place later this week. The customer was delighted with the results and the simplicity of the DCN Jet Cook System operation.

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