Advanced Jet Cook Training - Asia Cup - DC Norris

Advanced Jet Cook Training – Asia Cup

February 16, 2023

Author: Emma Hodgson, Marketing Executive

This week DCN are in Qatar running advanced Jet Cook training and processing with the team at Al Manal Central Production Unit in Doha.

Following on from a very successful FIFA World Cup campaign, the team are now getting ready for the Asia Cup, as well as now suppling their own facilities with fresh meals every day.

We always enjoy working together with Al Manal as their team have a fantastic work attitude, willingness to learn and their progress is exceptional, from both the Chefs and Managers.

We produced a variety of products including Bangladeshi Dhal and a selection of Vegetable Masalas using both Jet Cook and our Braising Bar Technology.

We have supplied 6 x Ready-2-Cook Cooking Kettles with our patented Jet Cook Technology, Tumble Chillers, Pump Fill Stations, Bratt Pans and Sous Vide Systems, which are certainly being used to the fullest.

We look forward to returning soon and we wish them every success with Asia Cup and new ventures.

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