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Discover the best pie filling equipment during British Pie Week

March 7, 2023

Author: Emma Hodgson, Marketing Executive

No one loves pies as much as the British – they are responsible for the invention of most of the pies that we know and love today. Sweet or savoury, there’s a pie for every occasion, and when better to enjoy them than during British Pie Week which is held from 6-12th March and was originally introduced in 2007 by Jus-Rol, the pastry manufacturers.

DCN has been assisting food manufacturers with their pie production for many years, and our innovative cooking technologies can speed up production and use less energy, giving our customers maximum efficiency.  DCN pie filling equipment includes Steam Jacketed Kettle systems with DCN Jet Cook Technology for high-speed cooking.  Searing the meat and caramelising onions to release a sweet flavour can be completed at the start of the process using our patented Braising Bar.

Using our state-of-the-art processing technology, it is possible to produce a large variety of top-quality fillings including those with high viscosity and large meat or vegetable particulates.

We have completed successful trials and installed systems in the UK, Australia, South Africa and United States for various Pie Filling recipes, and it continues to be a very popular dish globally.

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