DC Norris’ New Commercial-Scale Sous Vide Machine at Anuga Foodtec -

DC Norris’ New Commercial-Scale Sous Vide Machine at Anuga Foodtec

April 19, 2022

Author: Emma Hodgson, Marketing Executive

This time next week the doors will be open to the Anuga Foodtec Exhibition in Cologne – DC Norris are proud to be showcasing a number of new innovative food processing systems including the  CT-1. Recognising the need for industrial-grade sous vide cooking technology that fits a smaller kitchen footprint, DC Norris is now manufacturing this 250 litre (water capacity) electric sous vide cook tank which is available in the UK and globally.

Sous Vide, a popular French cooking technique that allows foods to be slow-cooked in vacuum-sealed plastic pouches submerged in a precisely controlled water bath, is now one of the hottest cooking trends. Sous vide cooking was initially adopted by chefs in high-end restaurants for its unique ability to repeatedly produce superior finished product quality. While adopted on both the industrial scale for food manufacturers and on the small, even in-home, scale; there was no machinery well-suited to foodservice.  Until now.  DC Norris is now shipping Model CT-1, a 250 litre gross capacity, fully automated, stainless steel sous vide cook tank with HMI control panel to restaurants and small scale food manufacturers throughout the world.

The fully automated CT-1 gives foodservice complete control over finished product quality by eliminating the possibility of human error which cuts operational expenses and waste. Additionally, this commercial-scale sous vide cooking equipment by DC Norris allows restaurants, schools and hospitals to serve more nutritious foods as the cooking technique reduces the need for preservatives and additives. Perhaps most important, the sous vide method provides a biological barrier in its packaging, preventing many opportunities for contamination during cooking, cooling and distribution/serving.   DC Norris is currently accepting new orders for the CT-1 Cook Tank.

See the ‘CT-1’ in action

Visit us in Hall 10.1 – Stand G071 next week at Anuga Foodtec


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