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Food Allergen Week – Desserts

May 12, 2021

Author: Emma Hodgson, Marketing Executive

It’s Food Allergen Week, and today we are focusing on free-from and vegan dessert products. We offer some of our top tips for producing great tasting, quality allergen-free desserts on an industrial scale
Free-from and vegan dessert products may require ingredients such as coconut, fat replacers, and protein powders which can be hard to distribute evenly throughout the batch. However, with DC Norris’ Jet Entrain system, these can be introduced to the product easily and quickly without any lumps, agglomerations or fish eyes.
Removing high fat dairy products can have a negative impact on the taste and texture of foods, however consumers don’t want to compromise on quality. The Jet Cook™ creates smaller particle sizes due to its non-mechanical high shear function, and simultaneous heating and mixing which gives the mouth-feel of a more luxurious creamier product. During a trial in our Product Development Kitchen, we removed butter from a range of sauces, and when the finished product was presented to independent taste panels they couldn’t taste the difference!
Watch Apple & Cinnamon Compote being produced using our Jet Cook System and cooled with a DA Cooler.
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