New food processing innovations at Anuga Foodtec - DC Norris

New food processing innovations at Anuga Foodtec

April 29, 2022

Author: Annabel Norris, Marketing Manager

It’s the last day today of the Anuga Foodtec Exhibition in Cologne and it’s been a great week for the team who have been showcasing a number of new innovative industrial food processing systems.  Many of these were developed and perfected by our Research and Development team during lockdown to improve productivity, reduce carbon footprint and be more user-friendly. 

We’ve had many enquiries for our Ready-2-Cook Steam Jacketed Kettle for the cooking of foods such as soups and sauces.  Our stand model shows the range of accessories available including high speed Jet Cook, Braising Bar, Emulsifier and Recipe Management System.

The CT-1 Commercial Sous Vide Cook Tank is perfect for the slow cooking of meat, fish and vegetables for succulent great tasting results. Recognising the need for industrial-grade sous vide cooking technology that fits a smaller kitchen footprint, DC Norris is now manufacturing this 250 litre (water capacity) electric sous vide cook tank which is available in the UK and globally.  

We also showcased our new energy-efficient Cook Quench Chill ‘Adapt’ – for the cooking and cooling of rice, pasta and vegetable. The ‘Adapt’ enables food manufacturers to gain optimum performance using the minimum amount of energy and water.   The versatile modular design achieves larger throughputs, with maximum yields whilst still producing a high quality product.

The latest DCN Cook Chill Innovations on the stand are designed to help food producers save water, improve yields and are more user-friendly.  We’ve had on display our Model 400 Heat Seal Pump Fill Station, Belt Tumble Chiller and Capkold Cook Chill Bag Emptier.

And finally, one of the first pieces of equipment that DC Norris designed for the food industry was an industrial can-opener back in 1972 just after the Company was launched. The Model 160 remains our best-seller to this day, and we have tweaked and improved the design over the last 50 years.

There are still a few hours left to go of the show but if you don’t manage to catch us there, why not visit our headquarters and Product Development Kitchen in the UK – get in touch or book your trial now.

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