Industrial Food Processing Equipment for Dressings, Relishes & Dips
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DC Norris food processing systems for condiments, dips, and dressings are designed to deliver high-volume, premium-quality products while minimising energy costs. Our adaptable systems accommodate a wide range of products, providing food manufacturers with the flexibility to diversify their offerings. Capable of producing quantities ranging from 500 litres per hour to 24 tonnes per hour, our systems are utilised by renowned brands, major UK retail own labels, and food service customers to produce condiments such as BBQ sauce, sweet chilli, and tomato ketchup.



When you choose DC Norris, our Product and Process experts are on hand to help further develop your recipes and processes.   We assisted one customer with their Sweet Chilli Sauce, which poses challenges due to its high sugar content, low water activity, and viscosity. The high sugar content can cause significant burn-on during both production and discharge. Additionally, the lack of free water in the recipe leads to viscosity issues, as the starch competes with the sugar for water.

Another issue arises during the emptying of the vessel, where the product leaves a thin layer that burns on due to the latent heat in the jacket. The conventional solution is to use a low-pressure steam jacket, which significantly increases cooking time.

To address these challenges, we conducted trials in our Product Development Kitchen, successfully producing a 1000kg batch in 30 minutes with perfect particulate integrity and a well-rounded flavour.

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Relevant Systems

Steam Jacketed Kettles

Our stainless-steel, scraped surface Industrial Steam Jacketed Kettles range from 50 to 5000 litres. These can be part of the DCN Cook-Chill System or used independently.

Recipe Manager

Recipe Manager Software package provides a simple to use and flexible method of controlling a recipe-driven production process

Jet Cook™

Experience unparalleled efficiency and quality in liquid food and beverage processing with the multi-award-winning patented Jet Cook technology from DC Norris.

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The jet cook and braising bar demonstrated fantastic particulate integrity, and a fresher more home cooked finished product

Ronnie Miles, Managing Director

Bells Food Group Ltd

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